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College & Career Transitions Office

HFA: SCS has a dedicated College & Career Transitions Office to support our 90/90 commitment.

The College & Career Transitions Office is a resource and support center for Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies middle/high school students and their families. Its purpose is to ensure that graduates and their families are prepared for post-secondary learning and supports the school's overall 90/90 goal for graduation and college matriculation. Staffed by a full-time College & Career Transitions Coordinator, the College & Career Transitions Office annually hosts College Nights, one-on-one parent meetings, Financial Aid Nights, on-site admission visits, college and career presentations and countless workshops geared toward student success. During student’s junior and senior years the Office provides personalized support with application, scholarship, financial aid and enrollment processes.

Transcript Requests                                                                 Please complete our online request form to obtain a copy of your transcript.                                                                                                                                                           

Financial Aid News                                                                January 1 starts one of the most important components of the college admission process: securing the finances to pay for college.  It is extremely important that Seniors and their parents/legal guardian complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (most commonly known as FAFSA) form and submit it to the federal government to determine their eligibility for financial aid . The FAFSA affords parents access to federal loans, grants, and scholarships based upon individual family need. Seniors should already be applying for other college scholarships offered by colleges, businesses, organization, foundations, and private sectors. College is expensive and it is important that families explore every avenue to secure free funding. To aid in this process, seniors must strive for the highest academic scores each grade marking and complete all their requirements to stay on track for graduation. Please monitor your child’s work in school, study habits, and extra-curricular activities to avoid the pitfalls of ‘senioritis’ that may try to creep in. To make sure your child is on track, sit down with them and review the following checklist below:
  • Have you confirmed with the Guidance Counselor that your son/daughter is on track to graduate in June 2016?
  • Has your child applied to at least 1 college, university, and/or other post secondary institution?
  • Has your child been accepted to a college, university, or post secondary institution?
  • Has your child completed 40 hours of required community service? Has he or she submitted documentation to the Guidance Counselor?
  • Has your family started or submitted the FAFSA form?
  • Has your child applied to scholarships for which he or she meet the criteria?

For questions regarding your child’s graduation status contact Mr. Ryan Thomas ( For information on college admission, contact Mr. Johnson,  College and Career Transitions Counselor and for updates on senior activities contact your Senior Class Advisor.


Financial Aid Resources

FAFSA Website

Tutorial - 7 Easy Steps to the FAFSA

 TIP (Tuition Incentive Program) (888) 4 GRANTS (888.447.2687)

College Summer Camps
Spending time on a college campus will help your student to gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed in college later in life. Summer camps are a great way to expose your child to college campuses and enrich their middle and high school learning experiences. In the Spring we will provide a list of some of the opportunities available to your student. 

Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarships are a valuable tool in finding funding for college.


College Office

For more information, contact Mr. John Johnson,