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Beyond Bullying Week: 1/28-1/31

posted Jan 25, 2013, 5:28 AM by Lisa Kreinbring   [ updated Jan 21, 2014, 12:40 PM by ]
We are pleased to share the schedule for Beyond Bullying Week during our upcoming InterSession. Please contact Ms. Olugbala ( with questions.

Monday, January 28th - Bullyology - Beyond Bullying Kick Off 

Goal: Raise awareness of bullying prevention and teach students how to respond to bullying situations. 

Topic : Bullying 101 - including the many forms bullying takes as well as places and spaces in which bullying occurs 

Activities: Beyond Bullying Welcome Stations, HFA: SCS Bullying Survey, B.E. Here Award Nominations Begin, Introduce "The End of Bullying Begins with Me" online petition 

Dress: Uniform with Purple Accessories 

Bullying 101 Workshops 

8:00 am – 8:30 am (All Grades) 

Additional Workshop Options: 1. Seriously? False Stigmas attached to bullying; 2. Bullyology Characteristics of students who bully and are targeted; 3. Rewind, Step 1: Keep It Real! Video Project; 4. Cyber Set Up Video & Discussion 

Intercession: Design Challenge (All Grades) 

Tuesday, January 29th - Bullying Unplugged - What Can You Do? 

Goal: Increase student understanding of the roles they play in the bullying triad and help them understand they have the power to end bullying. 

Topic: What Can You Do? - Bystanders are powerful. In fact, more than half of bullying situations will end if bystanders step in. 

Activities: Beyond Bullying Welcome Stations, HFA: SCS Bullying Survey, Bullying Unplugged, Bullying is a Community Issue Panels 

Dress: HFA: SCS Spirit Wear with Jeans 

Bullying is a Community Issue Panel Schedule 

11:30 am - 8th Grade Discussion 

12:00 pm - 7th & 6th Grade Discussion 

1:00 pm - 12th & 11th Grade Discussion 

1:30 pm - 9th & 10th Grade Discussion 

Additional Workshop Options: 1. What Can You Do? Options for bystanders, targets and those who bully; 2. Teen2Teen, a look at bullying scenarios; 3. Bullying Unplugged, dynamics of cyberbullying; 4. Person First, explain the importance of recognizing the person first; 5. Rewind Step 2: Pick Your Cast and Crew Video Project; 6. Out of Bounds Video & Discussion; 7. My Sister Video & Discussion 

InterSession : MAP Testing (MS); One Million Bones Kick Off (8:30 am HS) 

Wednesday, January 30th - Unity Day - Working Together 

Goal: Create dialogue between students and adults to eliminate the divide between adult intervention and student perception. 

Topic: Student and Adults Working Together - Students say adults intervene 10% of the time; adults say they intervene 75% of the time. Why the difference? 

Activities: Beyond Bullying Welcome Stations, Purple Shirts, B.E. Here Nominations Collected, Listen Up!, B.E. the Change Youth Leadership Program(s) 

Dress: Purple 

Middle School Assembly: 4:00 pm (parents welcome) 

High School Assembly: 2:30 pm 

Additional Workshop Options : 1. Listen Up! why students might not tell an adult; 2. Advice Gone Wrong, advice from adults that isn't helpful; 3. Inside Story, reason students don't tell; 4. Rewind, Step 3: Write a script; 5. New Girl Video & Discussion; 6. We Need to Talk Video & Discussion 

InterSession: MAP Testing (MS); One Million Bones (HS) 

Thursday, January 31st - Bullying Prevention - It's Not Just a Week 

Goal: Develop plan for how we can work together as community to end bullying at our school. 

Topic: Bullying Prevention - National Bullying Prevention Awareness Week was created to raise awareness and provide options to respond to bullying. But bullying isn't something we can resolve in just one week. What are action steps we can take every day, every week, every month to be put an end to bullying? 

Activities: Beyond Bullying Welcome Stations, Cohort/Forum ACT Plan 

Dress: Anti-Bully Slogan Tee with Jeans 

Additional Workshop Options : 1. ACT/Peer Activities; 2. Who Wants to Be Bullied Video & Discussion; 3. Think Pink Video & Discussion; 4. Rewind Step 4: Prep & Dress Rehearsal Video Project; 5. Rewind Step 5: Film! Video Project 

InterSession : MAP Testing (MS); One Millions Bones Installation (8:30 am HS; Forum MS)